Labeo rohita
Family: Cyprinidae
ICUN red list status: Least Concern (LC)
Habitat: Fresh Water

Photo Courtesy : Derek Dsouza


Photo Courtesy : Abbey Fizardo

Famed for its acrobatic aerial displays and lightning fast run after hook-up, Rohu is a highly sought after game fish of India. Also a member of Carp Family Cyprinidae, this fish shares the same bio-diversity as Catla but is a column feeder. Juvenile survives mainly on zooplankton but as it grows, it eats more and more phytoplankton. Basically this fish is a herbivorous column feeder, surviving mainly on phytoplankton and submerged vegetation. This fish is most active during day time (diurnal) but can be caught during night also. Being a column feeder, the best way to target these fish is from few feet under the surface. Unlike Catla, these fish readily pick up dough baits and thus are relatively easy to hook.

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