Catla or Bhakur

Catla catla
Indian Game Fishes / Catla or Bhakur
Family: Cyprinidae
ICUN red list status: Least Concern (LC)
Habitat: Fresh Water

One of the most difficult fish to catch, and the toughest fighting Indian Carp, Catla (Catla catla) is the only member of genus Catla, from the carp family Cyprinidae. This fish is commonly present in rivers, lakes and ponds throughout India. Mainly a surface feeder, this fish feeds on plankton, zooplankton, insects, crustaceans and plant materials. Crustaceans consists major part of the food but the interesting part being the substantial percent of insects (8.082%) in its food chain, opening up the possibility of targeting this magnificent fish on a fly setup also. As evident by its large protruding lower jaw, it is obvious that this fish feeds by filtering a lot of water through its mouth. We will discuss in the article later that using fast dissolving bait and a critically balanced open hook is the best bet to target this fish.

Photo courtesy : Owen Bosen

Photo courtesy : Aaron Arokiaraj


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