Mirgal or Nain

Cirrhinus cirrhosus or Cirrhinus mrigala
Indian Game Fishes / Mirgal or Nain
Family: Cyprinidae
ICUN red list status: Vulnerable (VU)
Habitat: Fresh Water

Photo Courtesy : Manish Singh

Pound to pound, one of the best fighting Indian carp, Mirgal is also a choice target amongst Indian anglers. Though not known for fast or long runs, this fish refuses to come up easily. A common fish throughout Indian Subcontinent, Mirgal (Cirrhinus cirrhosus or Cirrhinus mirgala) is a ray-finned fish from the genus Cirrhinus. Although a freshwater fish, it can also survive in saline water so don’t be amazed if you catch one from brackish waters. Classified as a very active fish, it thrives in ponds and lakes but spawns in fast flowing streams or rivers.

A bottom feeder, adults feeds on decayed organic matter, sand and mud-supplemented by plankton. This fish is known to graze on algae also. Comparatively easy to catch, this fish can also be targeted by fly setup or spinning artificial worms. There are a few reports of this fish attacking small spinners also.

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