AIGFA, All India Game Fishing Association

“All India Game Fishing Association”, a non profit-making, charitable organization is a result of the effort from “The league of gentlemen anglers” across India with the sole intention to promote “Sport Fishing” and to protect the fast depleting stock of sport fish by active participation of angler community in protecting the environment of water bodies it resides.

It is our commitment to make “AIGFA” the encyclopedia of ethical and established practices of sport fishing in India by chronicling game fish, their habitat, safe methods to target them and to promote catch and release by publishing, educating, record keeping and involvement of other organisations which are also committed to the same cause.

Here at AIGFA we recognise the value of sport fishing and its multi dimensional benefits to our lives and society, and we are committed to zealously guard the tradition so that our next generation can also enjoy the thrill of this wonderful sport.


Records, Indian waters hold lot of possibilities.

As a home to almost 11% fish species recorded world over, Indian waters hold lot of possibilities for bagging numerous record specimens. Though the prime objective of 'Angling' is not to break records but to catch a fish with legitimate and fish safe means we also appreciate a good catch.

Record keeping is being done, not only to recognize exceptional catches but also to promote compliance to fish safe methods, catch & release practice and collecting data for scientific and academic consumption.


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The place to share your experience, expertise, concerns about fishing and also to learn the subtle lore of outwitting wariest and meanest of fish without harming it.